You, the one who’s been pushing, and pulling and trying tirelessly to survive.

You, the one who has struggled to be and do everything.

You, the one who’s constantly had all the ideas, and held back… not yet, it’s not time.

You, the one who’s walked away again, and again. From everything, the jobs, the careers, the relationships, the people. Everything. Because it never felt right.

You, the one who’s never felt like they belong, they were too much of everything, but not enough of anything.
You, the person who knows… doesn’t just think, but knows.

You’ve been waiting your whole damn life for this.

You’re the one who has sat on the sidelines, watching, observing.
You’re the one who has been waiting (im)patiently for all the bullshit to finally come to a head and prove you right.

You’re the one, who, despite everything, has kept pushing through the shit, just knowing that something bigger is coming.

You’re the one who saw the cracks and knew something had to change. Someway, somehow, it had to. The world couldn’t carry on the way it was.

You’re the one who has the answers. Not to everything, that’s impossible, but you know the answer to at least part of the puzzle.
You’re the one who gets to step up, speak, and make more sense than ever in this new period we’re moving into.

NOW is the time you’ve been waiting for.
NOW is the time for you to step up, be seen and be heard.

NOW is the time that you need to come out of the shadows, and stop hiding.

NOW is the time to create change.

It’s time for you to take stock of everything that’s been “normal” in life, take a look around and see what’s really important.
You already know what’s really important.
It’s the things that you actually miss.

Your important is different to my important. And it will be different to the next person too.
We’re all lucky that way, that’s how life gets to be so interesting. We’re not all chasing after the same things, and that’s a huge bonus because when you realise that there are few people chasing after the same things as you, you realise you have a better chance of winning.

The payoff will be greatest for those who focus only on what’s important.
And now you know what really is important…
And you know that very few people are aiming for the same things as you means the odds are increasingly in your favour.

Not that that ever mattered… we only get what we really want anyway. It doesn’t matter how many others might be going for the same thing. Most won’t get there anyway.

And of those that are going after similar things, well… there are differences in those too. They may want the same things, but probably in a different order, or with different parameters that they’re willing to live into.

When someone says “something’s gotta give” they’re not talking about completely giving up on what they want (nor are they talking about a Jack Nicholson movie). They’re just stating that their priorities have changed.
They’re willing to let something wait while they handle what’s important right now.

Sometimes, this works.
Sometimes they realise they let too much slide.
But it’s not important.
What is important is the realisation.

The realisation that something has to change.
The realisation that it’s now time to fully go after what is wanted.
That it’s time to change.

Only you can make that change.

Only you can decide when it’s time.
Only you get to realise that you always already had everything you needed to make that change.

And as the world seemingly falls apart, it’s time for you to rise.

Because you realise that actually, the sky’s not falling.
Not on you.
You’re pretty secure in all this.

Because you already have chaos handled.
Chaos is your bitch, because you’ve been riding that saddle for years already.

Now, suddenly, everything feels calm.
And it’s your time to rise.

So rise.

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