It’s safe, right?

Holding onto the safety net.

The rope that balances you, keeps you steady… catches you when you fall.

It’s safe

Its safe to stay where you are so things don’t get messed up

Its safe to keep doing the same things on repeat because you know the outcome

It’s safe to stick to that same line of work, earning that same wage, because you know what you’re doing. You know what you’re earning. How to make that money work to make ends meet in the right way.


I’m right aren’t I?

As much as this sucks, and you hate where your life is right now, how you’re living and what you’re doing every day…

It’s safe, right?

Safe to stay where you are.

Safe to stay how you are.

Safe to stay stuck.


Hidden away.

You like it here.

It’s safe.

A little uncomfortable, but safe.

You know where you stand.

It’s OK.

Even though it sucks and you fucking hate it.

FUCKING hate it.

It’s horrible, painful, torturous even.

And it’s boring.

Boring as fuck, because you never do anything, because you’re stuck. Stuck playing safe and small, and hidden away doing nothing because nothing’s all you can do while you’re playing safe and small and being hidden away.

It’s that safety net that you’re holding onto so tightly – the one you have the tightest grip on, that’s not allowing you to be who and where you’re truly supposed to be. Where deep down you want to be.

But the biggest reason you’re not where you want to be?

Well, I just wrote it… “its the safety net you’re holding onto so tightly”


You’re doing this.

You’re holding on.

You’re the one who’s not letting go.

It’s like the thing you want is just out of reach, but the only reason it’s out of reach os because you’re so fucking scared of letting go of the damn safety rope!

So… what should you do?


It’s not even that safe.

It’s definitely not fun.

So why are keeping hold of it?

Because you’re used to it?
Well that’s all well and good, but are you happy with it?

Hmm… no?
No. I didn’t think so.

Because it sucks. It’s boring, and you never get to do anything except exist.

But wait. You’ve let go! You let go a long time ago, you did the other thing. All the things that no one thought you actually would.

But here’s the kicker.

Now you’ve let go, and you’re all “free” you realise that you’re still not where you wanna be, because, dammit, there’s a freaking rope wrapped around your waist with a carabiner on the end tying you to your damn safety net!

So, no.

You haven’t let go.

You haven’t untied yourself.

Not fully.

You’re still counting on that damn safety net, even if you’re not holding onto it any more.

Even though you let go, you have yet failed to step away, to let go. To free yourself entirely.

You are, in fact, still attached.

And that sucks.

Because that is what’s holding you back.

You need to step the fuck away. Cut all the ties.

Get rid of the ropes and the carabiners, and any and all other small ties, no matter how invisible, that may be holding you to the god damn safety net.

How do you do that?

I have no idea…

Well, I have one idea, and it seems to work pretty damn well.

Decide what you want.

Decide it now.

Decide how you want life to be.

Decide it now.

Does that life have the same safety net, or carabiners attached

I know, I’m as sick of writing about carabiners as you are reading about it, let’s try and lose that…

Speaking of losing that… Does that life have the same safety net?



Didn’t think so.

So, what are you gonna do?

You’re gonna look at the life you want. The “new” life. The one that’s yours when you take it.

Then you let go of the damn safety net.



Say goodbye to it.

Let it go.



Because as soon as you let go, you’ll realise it will be so much easier to get to where you’re going.

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