No, no no….

You can’t show up like this.
You need to be your best self before you show up.

Well, I fucked that up!
Cos here I am,
Showing up
As I am
Not perfect.
Perfectly imperfect
Practically imperfect in most ways (not very Mary Poppins, is it?)
I’m nowhere near the “best version” of myself.
But here I am
As I am
What you see is wha you get, baby!
That’s just how it is.

You know why?
Because if I wait until I’m the “best version” of me, it’ll be too late.
It’s perfection based procrastination.
Spouted by those who won’t, can’t, don’t dare show up as anything other than the best versions of themselves.

I’m not one of them
Never have been.
Never will be.
And besides, if I wait until I’m the “best version” of myself, I can’t guarantee I’ll “be me” anymore… I won’t be this version of me, and despite all the flaws, I kinda like this version of me.
I’ll be changed
Doing things differently. Doing different things, experiencing life differently, looking at things differently, and the way I am now will be a distant memory.
I don’t like the idea of that.
I, despite everything, kinda like this phase.
The struggle
The push
The figuring shit out as I go phase.
It feels real
It’s where most of us live day in day out for most of our lives

For me to keep locked away, not show up until I’m “my best self”, it wouldn’t be right.
It wouldn’t be fair.
I’d be doing a disservice, not just to me, but also to you.

Why do I know this?

Because I know this thing that I’ve got going on, this process that I’m going through – it’s not just me. And it’s not just for me.

This right here is my path.
And this path is only making me stronger, making myself more capable at doing what I’m meant to be doing, every damn day.

Because I live it
Because I know it inside out.
Because I know how to relate to those around me on a deeper lever because they’re my people. We’re going through the same shit.

That’s what this is all about.
This is why it’s time for me to share my truth.
As it is.

None of this “best self” crap.
It’s bullshit.
Actually, it’s not…
I’m currently my “best self” so far.
And my journey is what it is. Is what is going to keep me moving towards my better self, my best life, my best life, my best work.

So that’s what I do.
I share
My best, my worst, my in-between, the process, all of it.

And that’s where the magic lies.
How I break through
How I make all this shit work

I know what I want
I know where I’m going
And it’s not all that big, or that fancy
But it’s bigger and more beautiful than this current reality.

But as for being “my best self” I doubt I’ll ever get there, after all, we’re never fully satisfied, and once you start to improve one area, you notice other areas that can be improved, then the areas you’ve already improved can be tweaked and improved upon even more, even slightly, just a nudge, just a push.

That’s how life it.

So show up.
Perfectly imperfect.
Just as you are.
We’re all a mess anyway!
Some just hide it better than others

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