Why chase your clients when they can come to you?

Start attracting your dream clients on Pinterest now!

My Approach

Back when I started using Pinterest, it was to avoid writing a blog (yes, really!)… then as my requirements changed, so did my approach. I got to experiment and learn how good Pinterest is at promoting our online media and website content.

We’ll use Pinterest to get to know your dream clients, find out what they really love and want for their lives. We’ll start tracking the important metrics for your business… (followers are good, but they ain’t all that) and we’ll build a strategy that’s easy to maintain, that won’t take you hours each day to implement, and will keep people coming to YOU for their wants and needs.

This is your opportunity to share in your clients’ hopes and dreams, and even better, to show them that YOU can get them one step closer to achieving them

Sort your Stats

“What we measure, we improve”

Start tracking the right stats, the right way, and you’ll learn what’s really working for your audience.

We’ll set up your website analytics and Pinterest analytics, and show you the hidden opportunities in your business.

Boost Your Business Using Pinterest

This is the 5-part challenge that will help you boost your Pinterest and start attracting your Dream Clients (almost) effortlessly.

This self led challenge will get you using Pinterest like a pro with my best ‘get started’ action steps


Stuck for time?

I get it, you’re busy.

You spend all day working in/on your business, then hours on Social Media building rapport with your audience.

What if I told you could save hours a week, and keep your Pinterest account running up to months in advance?

“Let me introduce you to my little friend”

What people are saying…

“I didn’t have time to research how to use Pinterest for my Japanese language business, and just knew that I needed someone to tell me what to do…which Debbie did.

She helped me to understand how to use Pinterest and took the time to talk me through everything that I did not understand and made sure that I wasn’t missing out on any valuable tactics.

She knows her stuff, listen to her!”

Jessica Brown

Pinterest Training and Strategy Client, Nihongo Connection

“Having Debbie manage my Pinterest account has been wonderful.

My content has been shared consistently, my business has grown, and I have more time to work on the parts of my business that I enjoy, and I get to spend more time with my family.  All the while knowing my Pinterest marketing is being taken care of” Sam Hammond Donald

Pinterest Management Client, pootles.co.uk

“I was failing to attract my target market, but the challenge helped me really understand who they are, and what they want.
I would highly recommend doing the Boost Your Business using Pinterest challenge, and the best part? You get to increase the number of pins whilst doing it!!” Boost Your Business Using Pinterest Challenge participant

Helping You Find Success With Pinterest for Business

Social Media marketing takes a lot of time and energy, but not all platforms are the same…

Pinterest is not a social media.  It’s a search engine.

No need to spend hours trying to engage your audience, and making conversation for little or no return.

You can attract your dream clients to you; people ready to buy, people who are actively looking for what you’re offering.

Not sure Pinterest will work for your business?  I’d love to talk through your options

Work in the Wedding Industry?

You’ll want to check out this Masterclass I did with a great biz buddy of mine, Donna Wojtas, of Savvy Wedding Pro especially for folks in the wedding industry! We had an absolute BLAST hosting this 2-hour Masterclass, so much so, we decided to make the recordings available to those who wanted it.

More Details
Want over 2 hours of Pinterest knowledge designed specifically for people working in the wedding industry?

Then you’ve just found it.

Donna helps savvy wedding pro’s run their businesses with confidence, clarity and joy!

She’s an amazing coach who has been running her own successful wedding styling business in Yorkshire for almost a decade and now uses her expertise to help other wedding industry pros achieve great success for their own businesses.

Donna invited me in to co-host this super special masterclass, to show people just how easy it is to promote their wedding industry businesses on Pinterest.

Stuck in a style rut?

I teamed up with the fabulous Janette Miller, of Janette D Miller Styling to show her Personal Styling Clients how to use Pinterest to build their own dream wardrobe before spending a penny or stepping foot on the high street. Want to use Pinterest to help you make the most of your wardrobe? Here’s how you do it…

More Details
I had so much fun hosting this Masterclass, as I do with them all, but this one got me going back to basicswe’re using Pinterest as a USER, not just a business owner. Which is vital if we want to keep the fun in what we do!

Janette helps women regain and develop their personal style after big life changes (having kids, returning to work, changing careers, weight changes, etc) and helps us discover the personal style that we may not even realise we have! (<< that last one was me ha!)

So if you’re transitioning your wardrobe to fit into your new life, or just want to switch things up a little, then you need to check this out. Have fun, develop your style, wear great clothes.  You deserve it!

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Let’s talk about your experience with Pinterest so far, figure out what you want from Pinterest, and what the best course of action is for you moving forward. Whether you’re just starting out on Pinterest and have never even looked at it before, you’re wanting to transition from Personal to Business use, or you’re not getting the results you want… we can probably figure something out.

Choose a Plan

During the call, we’ll discover the best course of action for you to take at this time, whether you’re starting from scratch, or are ready for more in-depth strategy/support.    

Reach Your Goals

I’m not going to leave you in the lurch to handle this on your own.

Once we start working together I will be with you to keep you going until we reach those goals!

Whether you’re a member of my free community, working with me as part of a group, or 1 to 1.

Still Have Questions?