Happy Wednesday, how are you? 

This winter weather is confusing the heck out of me, it feels really late, even when it’s only 4:30 pm… I love Autumn/Winter, but it always throws me off a bit when the clocks change and it’s dark earlier. 

Anyway… I’ve been working with a business coach for the past couple of years (I often say I’m her worst student) and there’s one thing she keeps trying to get me to do; share on social media!

“Debbie, get posting!” 
“Debbie, do a video!” 
“Debbie, I challenge you to do Facebook lives. Get over it and get it done.  Be brave!” 

Aside from sticking a camera in my face, she’s tried everything… 

I haven’t done ANY of it.

I’ve resisted it, ignored it, given her excuses or straight up ignored her for a few days hoping she’ll forget (she never does) 

Why?  I’m anti-social.  And that sounds far worse than it is, let me explain…

Facebook drains me.  Spending time on there scrolling, liking, reading comments, tons of stuff, and then the pressure of having to figure out what to share, how many times, fighting for interaction & reach – ARGH!!
I’m BUSY!  

A business, kids, home, family members who rely on me for things (as much as I resist!), a cat who doesn’t need walking (now I’m just making excuses), taking care of me (stopped 5 years ago)

But Social media, as great as it is, has a low return on effort for me. 

I can easily spend all day on social media, but that doesn’t help me work on my business. 

And as for Facebookok for business… Keeping Up With The Algorithms could match the Jones’ and the Kardashians for the effort required.  

I don’t have the energy for that. 

I’m Anti-Social Media!

It’s hard work, takes forever and makes us grouchy (Psychologists say so!)

I’m all for the simpler things in life. 

In business, that’s increased reach to the right people, for low cost (preferably free), at not much time/effort/thinking required. 

This is where Pinterest WINS! 

When I’m on a roll, I can batch write a bunch of blog posts, spend a few minutes putting title images together – If you have a product business, you can use product photos, even easier!

Then spend a few MINUTES scheduling to Pinterest (I use Tailwind) then leave it to it and get on with my day, week, even month! 

Job. Done. 

While I’m getting on with my life, Pinterest is happily sharing my content to people who want to see it (because it works on interests) and will continue to do so for days, weeks, months on some occasions even years into the future – far better than a few minutes on a social media feed. 

Because it’s a search engine (ish) designed to show it’s users what they want to see. 

it’s unapologetically self-indulgent. 

So while my Pinterest sits doing it’s thing and my clients are having incredible wins from their feeds, and everyone else is banging their heads on their desks and having algorithm nightmares… 

I invite you to step away. 
Take some time, and learn what it can be like to have some fun sharing what you do and trusting it will find it’s way to the right people for your business.  

Grab a cuppa, hit reply, tell me how you’d love to have a business that promotes itself without hours of your time each day, and I’ll tell you how Pinterest can help you have that. 

Speak to you soon! 

Debbie x

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