Time does a pretty good job of passing by all on it’s own.
Tick follows tock whether you do something with it or not.

The Earth continues to spin on its axis, and make its way around the sun.

And yet, everyone just wants to “pass the time” while they get from here to there…


“Passing the time” is the same as letting time pass.

Why not use it?

Be intentional about what you’re doing.

If you want to lie on your back and watch the clouds pass by, do that.
If you want to make something, do that.
If you want to learn something new, or develop a skill, do that.

But do it with purpose, with intention.

Too much of life already passes us by without us noticing, why would you let it go without rhyme or reason?
It makes no sense.

Doing something half-heartedly to just “pass the time” until you can do the things you want to do, or are meant to be doing, that’s just a waste. Haven’t you wasted enough time already?

How many things have you put off “until you have the time”?
How many things have you wanted to do, but never got round to it?
What ideas have you had, but never put into motion because you’re too busy?

NOW is the time to start doing those things!

It can be something simple, like reading a book you haven’t got round to yet, or watching a movie that you keep meaning to watch – I’ve only jut watched Avatar, literally a few weeks ago. It’s been out over 10 years! Why? Because I just never got round to watching it.

Maybe there’s a skill you’ve wanted to learn, an online class or course that you haven’t had the opportunity to take up. Until now.

Why are you putting off your life?
Why are you wasting your time like that?

You don’t know how long you’ve got left, none of us do.
You don’t know what’s waiting around the corner for you.
You don’t know if that thing you’ve been putting off is the secret to your long term fulfilment, happiness or success.

Stop waiting.

If there’s something you want to be doing, then do it.

If you’re not that good at it right now, waiting isn’t going to help, starting will!

I wanted to write, but I always put it off… I didn’t know if I could, if I would make sense, if I had enough ideas, so I put it off. It was the dumbest decision I ever made!
Of course, I had ideas, they’re the things running through my mind every day, all day, that keep me awake at night, and have me going off on tangents mid-conversation.
By not writing, I was holding myself back. By keeping those ideas locked away in my mind, never giving them space to fully form, I never gave them, other thoughts, or myself chance to develop.
And by not starting to write, I never got any better at it.
I still wonder if I’m any good, I still scan over my work and think I could do better, but for now, this is as good as I am, and with time, I’ll make small continual improvements. That’s just how it goes.

I know an incredible artist, Adrian Hill, who specialises in oil portraits, he shared a painting he did 5 years ago, alongside the same image painted again now. They’re worlds apart, but they didn’t get that way because he waited to paint when he got better… no, he painted, then he got better. His work is incredible, you should check him out.

This is a story we see, hear, live, over and over… why are you waiting to get better at something? It won’t happen while you’re just sat around “waiting”. You’ll still be as bad when you next try as you were the last time.

Improvement comes from action.

YOU need to take the action needed to see the improvements to want to see. They’re not magical, they won’t happen overnight, but they will happen.

Maybe you don’t want to see improvements, maybe you want to take some time out, but you’re waiting until things “calm down” or “slow down” or the environment or situation is just right. Newsflash: it won’t be.

If you want to stop, to slow down, you need to decide to.

Being busy while time passes, is just as bad as waiting for the right time to come.
It won’t.

But most importantly, please stop wasting your time.

Make the most of every moment, be intentional with your time, whether it’s work, spending time with your family, keeping in touch with friends, exploring your hobbies, or generating the life of your dreams.

What’s going to be worse, looking back and seeing years of wasted time (I’m already guilty of that)
Or looking back at all the time you spent trying new things, being with the people you love, the memories you’ve made and the experiences you’ve lived.

I know which I’d rather do, don’t you?

There are so many opportunities out there, so many things to experience, and for a lot of them, you don’t even have to leave the house.

So why not be a little more intentional with your time?
Use it wisely, make time work for you.

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