By going through the motions, holding fast – one step, then the next. Showing up every day for the damn thing that needs to be done. Little by little, but holding fast, whether the results are showing up yet or not.

It’s not hard.

It just needs to be done, and I’m telling you, not that you need it, you already know, but it needs to be done consistently.

One step, then another.

All this one step forward, two steps back business is bullshit.

Although every time you don’t take a step, you may as well be taking a step back, as non-movement, can be as bad as backward movement in the long run.

And stepping backwards is different to stepping away; be aware of that.

So what’s it to be?


One step?
Or no steps, because every time you don’t take a step, you stay one step further away from where you need to be.

Where you want to be.
Where you’re meant to be…

One step.

Suddenly those “one steps” add up, and you’re a whole world away from where you need to be.

It’s like walking the path along a mountain. You’re going to go up, down, a little to the left, or right. You might even get to a point where you’ll need to take a few steps back and try a different way. But eventually, you’ll get to where you need to be.

So keep moving.

Just one step
Then another
Then another

And before you know it you’ll be right where you want to be probably without even noticing it, because by the time you’re there, you’ll already be thinking of the next thing you want, and that’s just how it should be.

Why settle?
Why stop?
All it takes is one step, then another, and so on.

So go on.
Take a step.
Then another.

The steps don’t even need to be the same each time.

They could be big steps, short steps, leaps, shuffles, hell, you could turn and change direction, but take the step. Then take another.

Keep going.

See where you end up, and how soon, because I can guarantee you’ll get there a damn site faster than you expect, and certainly faster than when you’re just sat there now, as you are, doing nothing.

What’s it gonna be?

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