It’s loud and clear, right?

We’re told “good things come to those who wait,” but let’s be honest, that’s not true.

Not in the strictest sense of the meaning.

Those who wait stand still.
Nothing happens, they do nothing.
What are they waiting for?
To be ready?
To be allowed?
For a result?

None of those things happen while you wait… but time doesn’t stop just because you do.

You get older, your hair turns grey, your skin fades, maybe your waistline grows… but yet, you wait?

By the time you’re done waiting, even if someone does come by and tell you you’re ready, you’ll realise that you’re not. You were, back then, but now you’re outdated.

You’re older now, yet starting at the entry-level.

That makes no sense.
You’ve got some catching up to do.

This is not a place for you to wait in line, and wait your turn.
There is no turn.
There is no line.

It’s just a crowd of people all awkwardly waiting with no clue who’s next. All politely allowing the other to go first because they might have been here as long as you, and might have the same, or better skills than you. They might want it more than you, or deserve it more than you.

And here you stand, awkwardly waiting, passing back and forth like the polite verbal ping-pong of “no, please, I insist, go ahead” when the only people who are actually going anywhere are the ones who aren’t listening to whether someone tells them they can.

No, the people who are going places, are the only ones who decided for themselves in that moment, that they’re ready, and they’re going for it.

They’re not waiting for a time, a place, or permission.

They’re testing themselves.

How do you know you’re ready if you never try?
How do you know you’re capable?
How do you know what skills you truly possess?

All while you’re stood waiting.

But no one is telling you to go.
No one ever will.

And you’re not telling them either.

When you look closely, that waiting you’ve been doing, allowing others to go first, go faster, go further… that was never because you allowed them.

No, it’s because they realised it was their choice.

They just didn’t see the point of standing around with you doing nothing, waiting for the right time, place, conditions or permissions.

They decided.

And because they decided, they’re now moving.

The momentum in their life is growing.
Whereas you’re stuck in inertia.

You’re going nowhere, and yet, time passes anyway.

Is that what you want?
Is that what you’re waiting for?

The end of time, while nothing changes?
Because that’s how you’re living.

Stop trying to fool yourself.

Time doesn’t stand still, just because you do.

You’ll still get older, your hair will turn grey… your skills will become more outdated, your impact and output, limited evermore, and yet, you wait?

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