(Ref: Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

We don’t just wake up one day with these awesome new powers that will change our lives forever, once we figure out how to use them.

Real-life works the opposite way – we spend our days learning these new skills, each day building upon the last, eventually to the point where we have a whole new skillset, sometimes one we’re not even aware of!

But when do we get to put them in practice, how?

Terrigenesis is the easy way; have a skill, learn how to use it.  Use it.  Job done.

What if you don’t realise you have the skills yet?

What if you don’t feel proficient enough to use it properly?

What if you end up in this cycle of self-doubt that you’re not good enough, don’t have the right skills, and won’t be able to get in front because the pace of change is faster than your rate of learning?

Do you carry on hopelessly trying to keep up?

Do you sack it all off and just ‘do whatever’?

Do you take the hybrid approach of taking what you know and doing how you feel with it?

Or do you rack up mountains of notes and files and never do a damn thing with it?

If it’s the latter, STOP IT!!!

Stop being an asshat.  You’re smart, you know this, you’ve got this! USE IT!

We can’t progress if we never do. 

You have to take action, see results and then analyse and tweak to get better results moving forward.

Doing nothing keeps you where you are.  It keeps you stuck.  It keeps you broke.

Action is the real-life Terrigenesis.

There are no Terrigen crystals, no funky obelisk, no turning to rock and busting out a new person.

There’s action.

One day after the next.

One step in front of the other.



Well, it does.  But it’s not what gets the results.

(Believe me, I tried it for years.  Got me nowhere.)

Sit, take your time, let your ideas come to you. Then put them into action!

Did you think of something that doesn’t line up with ‘the norm’, or what people are saying gets results?


Cos that’s probably what they did in the first place, they had an idea, put their balls on the line, risked it, and it paid off.  Maybe not straight away, maybe it took a while, and 10 iterations, but it paid off.

They didn’t wait around studying what worked for other people, fearing to step off the golden path, and looking like a jackass.

Get over yourself.  Get over your pride and your ego, let them take a backseat in this ride.

But please, for the love of all things Marvel – do something!

p.s.  If you haven’t checked out Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., you totally should, Seasons 1-5 are on Amazon Prime Video 😉 


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