I’ve finally figured it out…  It’s taken me a while, but I finally realise what the most boring thing in the world is!

Being the smartest person in the room!

There… I said it… being the smartest person in the room IS the most boring thing in the world… here’s why;

  • You don’t grow as a person
  • You feel like you have to hold yourself back so you don’t make others feel bad
  • You don’t learn anything new/exciting
  • Fear of judgement kicks in (“who does she think she is!”)
  • Half of what you say gets lost because they don’t get it
  • You start to stagnate

It’s something that’s remarkably easy to fix…

Become the ‘little fish’

Being the little fish in a big pond means you have room to grow.

If you’re in a room (or forum) of people bigger and smarter than you there are two things that are going to happen;

  • You’re going to learn
  • You’re going to grow

Yes, it’s scary and can be intimidating… Not so long ago, I had a ‘mixer’ call with other business owners… I knew I was the small fish.
People with 20+ years of high-level industry experience. People earning well over 6-figures in their businesses, managing teams and travelling the world… and there was me, working in my living room, having just closed a business, earning nothing and feeling like a total fraud.

Amazing things happened from that call… 

I was supported by those further on than me.  We chatted, my thoughts were validated, when I wasn’t sure about something they offer advice and unwavering support.

I’m the ‘smallest fish in the pond’ but I fit in!
And even better, I feel like I can grow! 

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