I write shit on the internet.

That’s LITERALLY what I do.

I wrote a post on Facebook about a skirt that was shared over 16.5 THOUSAND times.

It’s not even about a fucking skirt!

It’s about one of the many reasons why society is so fucked up.

(You can tell from the comments that so many people didn’t get it, but it’s ok)

I have a blog. I write emails, I have books in the writing, I write things all damn day long. 

The thing is. I don’t always write as me.

Sometimes I write as other people… and you wouldn’t even know.

no swearing, funny anecdotes, their humour, technical jargon, loads of fun stuff.

I’ve written about weddings, pilates, babies, papercrafting, knitting, sport, money, sex, relationships, education, design, fiction, non-fiction, all kinds of things!

And you know what the magical thing is?

It doesn’t matter who I write “as” I always get results.

I get reactions and sales.

I get peoples attention and I turn people on.

Literally, figuratively… who cares?

Wanna know why people don’t respond to what you write?
It’s because it’s boring.

I get it, it’s perfectly crafted, you took your time, planned all of your points, thought about what your clients need and how you can help them.

You did good.

Just not good enough.

Clients don’t want someone who gently tells them that they’re aware of their struggles, and then softly stroke them with words saying “it’s ok, I’m here, I can help.”

That helps calm stray animals in pain.
They’re not your clients.
They’re rescue projects.

That approach won’t work with your clients (not your ideal ones, anyway)

Your clients, the ones you want to work with, the ones who know it’s time to straighten up, be seen and be heard, but aren’t really sure why/how… they respond to a little salt in the wound.

They respond to people saying “you’re not succeeding because you suck at it, and here’s how I can help”

They already know they suck.
They already know they’re struggling.
They already know they need help.

That’s why they’re looking for help!

So stop giving them some softly softly, nice girl approach.

We don’t need soft edges, flowy curves and frilly words.

We’re done with that shit.

We want someone who knows how to call it how it is, say what needs to be said and get the fucking results!

You know how to get the results.
So why are you whispering?

They can’t hear you over the noise inside their own heads.

Break through.
Be loud.
Be bold.
Be compelling.

Turn them the fuck on, and they will respond.