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It’s time to say goodbye

Every year I write in my journal about the lessons from the previous year and how I can work on that.
This year I decided I’ve had enough… so instead I’m saying Goodbye.

32 was the end of the line for me holding myself back.
That’s done with now, and it’s time to show up in my life the way I know I should.

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Journal Entries

The best types of lists to write

OK, so you’ve heard all kinds of things about all kinds of lists… to-do lists are the most prominent ones, where you write out a bunch of stuff that you need to do, then go about your day ticking stuff off the list.  But what if there were other lists, more important lists… ones that …

Journal Entries

Personal development is like putting away the laundry…

It’s a weird analogy but bear with me… There are so many sayings, quotes, cliches etc about self-care and personal development etc… but how do you choose what to work on first? I’ve had quite a few conversations over the past year with various friends, coaches; business mentors, life coaches, money mindset coaches… you name …