How long does it take to write a post on Facebook?

Either a cryptic, passive-aggressive one-liner or an in-depth woe is me, my life is shit and everyone should shower me with sympathy post.

A few seconds?
A few minutes?

Does that include taking your phone out of your pocket, opening the app, then writing it, then posting it, then constantly checking to see who’s commented or reacted to it, replying to their comments, adding “did you see my post on Facebook” into conversations?

Or the thinking time while you dwell on it, not just the first time, but every time you read that post, every time you get a notification, or even worse (?) when there’s NO reaction and you’re wondering why no one cares…

It takes up a lot of time.
A lot of energy.

A lot of time and energy you could probably better use by doing something about it.

Y’know, changing the situation.
Improving it.

I’m all for writing out your problems
Just not blasting that shit all over Facebook (or wherever)

Write it down in a journal, a notebook, some scrap of paper, in the notes app on your phone… write it, mope about it, then keep writing.

Write about why it bothers you, then write some more. Figure out where this dis-ease stems from… is it internal or external?

What can YOU do about it?

Keep writing until you get your answers.

If the answer is “get over it and get a grip” then do that.
If the answer is “get answers” then do that.
If the answer is “change something” then do that.

Whatever it is that you come up with, whatever you need to do, that’s on you. No one else can do it.

Be the person you need.

Do it.

Even if it’s letting it go, and realising you overreacted because of something else (it happens) or if the decision is trickier… maybe you need to cut ties with someone, you need to stand up for yourself and get it done.

And it starts with taking the time to deal with this stuff instead of blasting it on Social Media.

You make the choice where your time will be better spent.

I know which I choose.

Do you?

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