It’s what causes me to overcomplicate things in my life. Something that could be SUPER SIMPLE ends up needing a degree to figure it out.

Or something that could be done in 2 steps, takes me 5.

Sometimes, it’s having facepalmingly obvious “realisations”

Like when you realise “marketing” is basically a synonym for “selling” just, usually more complicated to make it look/sound fancier – why say “here, wanna buy this?” When you can “build a funnel” and add 20,000 steps, a few hoops for people to jump through and a “OMG YOU CAN’T MISS THIS!!” At the end sense of fake urgency (really, especially if it’s online, it ain’t gonna “run out” is it? Not really. Stop being a nob. Limited print t-shirt? Yes, that’ll run out. Your online whatever? Will it fuck)

It’s just fluff and bullshit.
Dumbfuckery at its’ finest.

AND I’m the idiot that falls for it!


Because it can’t really be the simple, can it?

Throw together a few questions? No, surely there has to be more to it… (nope, there really isn’t)

Put something together and stick a price on it? Then just OFFER it to people?! “Here, I made this, do you wanna buy it?” Pffftttt… way too easy, where’s the work in that? snigger No. I need to do more than that.

Fuck, what if they say Yes?

I’ve gotta feel like I’ve actually done something more than just that!!
Insert 20 step funnel with bells, whistles, some awkward as fuck video content I really didn’t wanna do, some bullshit emails that sound completely drone like, and a countdown timer for added affect. Or, y’know, just give it away for free cos it’s not “worth” all the bells and whistles 🙄

It’s like the other stuff – write a list, get it done.


  • write a list,
  • organise list into categories
  • Number priorities
  • Designate time slots on calendar
  • Colour code diary
  • Set timers
  • Check list
  • Do next thing

Fucking hell, it’s exhausting, and not to mention, by the time you’ve fucked around doing all that you could have easily knocked off another 20-50% of your actual list.

Know shit needs to be done.
Do it.

Stop being a dickhead.

And it’s not just you you’re affecting.
It’s the people counting on you getting all that shit done.
It’s the people watching you. Learning from you. Thinking that they need to do things in this weird overly complicated way.

Just stop.

It ain’t big, it ain’t clever, and if anything, it makes you look a twat.

So stop it.
Just do the thing.
Move on.

So, instead of being a clever idiot, what are we gonna do from here on out?

See the obvious solution, trust the obvious answer, and just do the damn thing (whether that’s work, life, or laundry)

Take the easy route.
It’s easy for a reason.
And you’ll get more out of it (life) in the long run.

And on that note, here… I made some stuff.  There’s free stuff, and not free stuff… you want it? Check it out here:

Debs x

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