1 – I’m too blunt.
2 – I can’t listen to bullshit and not say something.
3 – I do feel bad and let my empathy get involved.
4 – I interject and say what I see.
5 – I don’t hold back.
6 – I get angry on your behalf.
7 – I can’t hide my thoughts or feelings on a subject.
8 – I will tell someone they’re surrounded by assholes instead of leading them to that discovery on their own.
9 – If you came to me asking for help, then refused to talk, I would ask you what’s the fucking point, and if you’re even serious about it.

My therapist would apologise to me for laughing along with me when I realised some bullshit I was telling myself, I loved her for that! I know it wasn’t “the done thing” but I’ve never been one for following those ropes.

I am not a qualified therapist.

I probably never will be (although I do and will study as I go)

A qualified therapist is someone who has spent years, well beyond 5-figures (usually) learning, and hundreds of supervised hours practising how to help people without doing all the things I listed above. They take notes and have files, and all that other “professional” shit.

What I am is a girl who was broken, who decided that I wanted, needed and deserved more, who asked for help, who went to therapy, who looked beyond “I feel like shit” to work out why, who worked through a bunch of modalities in order to put her head in the right place.

I am someone who saw what was available for me, looked at how that helped, and then figured out what else I could do beyond the limitations of the role.

Therapy is great. I will recommend it to anyone.

But therapy will only get you so far.

You can’t sit your ass in a chair and expect someone else to “fix you”

That’s your job.

Their job is to guide you through the work that you need to do.

I am not a therapist.

I am someone who knows what else needs to be done, and I’m not afraid to tell you.

I am someone you can ask for help, and I will, but I will not let you hand over the responsibility to me.

Now… if you’re ready to do the work, and you want a step or two or five beyond what I learned in therapy; the things I put together for myself over 10+ years… it’s in a 17-minute audio.

I called it Feelin’ Shit to Rockin’ It! because that’s exactly what it did for me.

But don’t be fooled… the audio may only be 17-minutes, but THE WORK takes longer than that.

Are you ready to take responsibility and go after what you really want?

Be the person you say you want to be?

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