This is the first thing  I say to pretty much everyone who I speak to about Pinterest.

We are so used to ‘social media’ and social platforms, that we try to treat them all the same.

Here’s the thing; Pinterest is not a social platform.

Take a minute and look at this from a ‘general user’ perspective (ie someone not in business, or trying to promote a business)

When it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, it’s a showcase of the best parts of our lives. It’s where we showcase who we are and what we want people to know about us.

I understand there are some exceptions but as a general rule…

Social Media is the EGO at work

… It’s where we share what we want people to see, waiting for validation; likes, shares, retweets etc.

I’m not saying we don’t engage, ask questions of others etc, but at the end of the day, it’s mostly about us showing off our best selves.

It’s how people we’re connected to can see that we’re worth their validation.   (It’s also an increasing cause of anxiety and low self-esteem, but that’s not what I’m here for)

It’s where we share our voice.  The arena to allow people to connect with our values as people and business owners.  It’s where we scream “LIKE ME! And look at my business”

Pinterest is self-serving; you find what INSPIRES you

Pinterest is where we go to find the next idea that we can use to improve our lives.

The next holiday; the dream wedding; our ‘life without limitations’.  THAT’s what Pinterest’s for.  It’s where we find the inspiration and ‘how-to’ guides that bring our lives in line with those Instagram-edit snapshots.

It’s where you build collections of inspirational images and information.  Ideas to try, products you’d like to own… it’s all about you.  No validation required because no one else on Pinterest cares whether that’s your current living situation.  There are no screams of “FAKER! You don’t really live like that”… because Pinterest is meant to be ASPIRATIONAL.

Content Marketing on Pinterest isn’t about you, or your business.

The only way you’re going to gain from Pinterest is if you focus on serving.   This is the Be/Do/Have in action.

If you want to hear what Ben Silbermann (Pinterest CEO) has to say, you can check it out here

Until then ask yourself this:  What do your clients want to be/do/have?  How can you help them?

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