I wondered if I could get your opinion on something…

Here’s the thing… I’ve been reflecting on what does and doesn’t work for me lately, both in my personal life, and in my business, and one thing that really struck me was how much time I spend online.  

Now having an ‘online business’ obviously means I spend quite a lot of time online, that’s understandable, but then after the last iPhone update, I started tracking my phone usage … In one day, it measured over 4 hours on social media!!! 
Now, ‘Social media’ covers a whole bunch of apps on my phone, but the biggest chunk of that time was on Facebook or Facebook Messenger… that’s a LOT of time.  
The problem was when I tried to figure out what I’d done in those 4 hours… 

– I’d been into a few business groups, scrolling posts, hitting the odd like, or adding a few comments. 
– Sent messages to a few friends 
– I’d scrolled my feed endlessly to see what people had put on. And scrolled past because it didn’t interest me
– I’d watched a video, then another, then another, then another as each video finished and clicked into the next… 

I’d basically wasted 4 hours of my day doing nothing!!! 

And that to me is a problem.  It’s affecting my work, my time with my kids… not to mention that there are numerous reports saying that all this time spent scrolling social media affects our attention span, creativity, in-person relationships, overall health, our self-discipline, our confidence and self-esteem! 

We’re quite literally scrolling our lives away! Or playing games… 

But this 4 hours was JUST on my phone… that doesn’t include the time I spent logged into Zuckerberg-land on my computer (which is most of the day) and I’m a little ashamed to say that there were times I had both going at once, my phone propped against my monitor with 2 things on Facebook at the same time.  There’s no wonder I felt drained and tired! 

It’s making me want to cull Social Media from my day, and why this is being sent as an email, not posted on Facebook (could you imagine!? I’d probably get booted off haha!) 

So I’m wondering what your thoughts are on Facebook or other social media sites? 
Do you feel like we spend too much time logged in? 

I’m asking because I noticed a shift… When I’m on Facebook etc, I’m scrolling to see what other people are doing, thinking and sharing.  The edited versions of lives where they share the highlights (unless there’s a passive-aggressive angry post or a full out rant by a keyboard warrior/troll) 

I find it draining.  

I don’t even fully read what’s being posted anymore, I’m detached, yet continue to ‘go through the motions’ . or I’m comparing my real life to the versions I see online and deciding I’m not good enough, successful enough or doing enough.   

This isn’t helped by the ads that target me because I’m a single female aged 30+, so I’m constantly being told I need to go on the latest diet, sign up to every dating app, why I’m ‘bad’ at relationships, and I need to buy the latest beauty products… and my business is crap because I’m lazy and haven’t done what So-n-so did because I’m not sunning it up on a beach in Bali, with millions falling into the bank… I don’t even want any of those things!!

This is why I love Pinterest!

I don’t have to deal with people drama. 

Pinterest is unapologetically self-indulgent.  That’s what it was made for! 

I can scroll Pinterest finding things I want to bring into my life, plan the outfits I’d like to wear, find new recipes or DIY and craft projects to try at home, and with that my profile, and my feed all becomes about me! 

Pinterest isn’t interested in telling me what Jenny from down the street thinks about Kim K’s latest Instagram selfie…

Pinterest cares about me.  And it cares about YOU! and the 250+ million other people who are on there… (that number grows every time I write about it)
It will happily run around finding you ideas for pumpkin carving, or Princess Parties, vintage cars or YOUR style of clothes and show them to you all day long. 

Want to find inspiration and new things to try for your favourite hobby?  Pinterest
Want to find some printable activities to entertain the kids over the holidays?  Pinterest

And the content won’t get lost, or expire… you can check in and find what you’re looking for at any time without having to remember who posted it, or staking peoples feeds. 

I think that’s why Pinterest is growing the way it is. 

People still aren’t fully sure what it’s about, but people are getting the hang of it, and they’re being unapologetically self-indulgent too! 

And it’s not just me that thinks it… I just came across this that backs me up on the Pinterest for Business blog:
“To me, this is further validation that we’re building a service that people really need. Pinterest is a place where people come to focus on themselves – to find inspiration for everything from a new hobby to a new look.” 

THIS is what makes Pinterest so great. 

Great for me, for you, and for your ideal customers! 

So instead of hunting for people on social media, go share what you love, and let them come to you. 

Just like my client who had her first sale through Pinterest in less than 6 weeks after starting from 0 – no boards, pins or followers… just a login. 

Because PInterest is where people go when they want to find something!

As always, I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts on this email, so hit reply.  
I personally read and respond to all my emails, and I love nothing more than a good discussion. 

I look forward to hearing from you 🙂 

Speak soon, 

Debbie x

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