There’s stress around knowing, and having all the answers before we even hear the questions or get to the end.
We spend so long needing to know that we end up not doing a damn thing.

It’s conditioned into us. Just look at how we spend our early years; taught endlessly to remember and recite information so we can pass a test when we don’t even know what the questions will be!

So we need to know all the answers to all the possible questions so that when we get the test paper we can check all the right boxes and be really proud of ourselves when we get a gold star like a good little student.

The problem is, we take that into real life… and it becomes anxiety. If we don’t know all the answers, how can we possibly live the right life? And how can we know where we’re heading and what’s to come and how to do and all the things and all the ways around everything that might happen or come up but probably won’t but we need to know all the answers anyway so we know which box to tick at the right time so we can get the gold star anyway even though gold stars aren’t even a real fucking thing in the “real world” that standard education so uselessly seems to prepare us for.

No… what we have is a way of thinking that is broken and floored, and bullshit and one we desperately need to break free from if we’re ever going to have what we want.

Curious aside… is there any wonder that some of the most profound and exceptional and successful people that we study now, or are in awe over fucking sucked at school?! I don’t think so… They escaped the need to know all the answers, and they went out there and starting figuring shit out for themselves along the way. Failing, getting it wrong, not knowing the right answers didn’t mean shit to them cos they were already so used to not being good at that. And that, in turn, made them exceptional.

Anyway… back on point… none of it fucking matters.

None of the big dreams, big goals, big visions for your future mean a damn thing if you don’t get over whatever is going on right now.

As much as you see it, want it, plan for it, map it out, dream about it, prepare, plan, study for it, no amount of any of it will get you there. And no amount of stressing over all the things you’ll need for that one day maybe life will ever matter if you don’t actually just sit your ass in the chair and start dealing with the here and now.

If you want a big fancy career, great. But there isn’t much point in wanting to be CEO if you’re not gonna do the grunt work, even for a little while.
There’s no point in wondering how you’re going to run a multi-million+ business if you’re not even running a ten-bob one.
There’s no point stressing and worrying over fulfilment and storage for your merchandise business when you’re barely selling one or two things now.

Whatever the big vision, or plan, or idea is that you have for your life is amazing. It’s there, ready, willing and waiting for you to go out and get it. But it ain’t gonna just hand itself over and be there while you do nothing and worry about shit that isn’t even real yet.

None of it.
Not ever.

That’s not to say it’s not fun, that it’s not warranted to let yourself wander off into dreamland where everything is epic and your life is all you could ever dream of… that’s the whole point of a dream, right?
But what’s the point in spending all your time wrapped up worrying about what you’ll do then when you’re not even doing what you’ve got to do now?

You will never have to do more than you can handle!

And the more you handle, the more you’ll be able to do.
It really is that simple. So stupidly simple.

You handle what there is right now, it’s done.
You figure out how to do the thing now, next time it will be easier and will probably take less time.
Take the small steps and you’ll move further and faster than trying to take the huge steps. Even if the huge steps are what you’re meant to be taking, you’re still not going to go beyond your actual capabilities (think about it in the literal sense of walking… you can quicken your pace, lengthen your stride, but there will still be limitations, you’ll just learn how to use them to your advantage. Usain Bolt’s legs don’t get any longer when he runs!!)

So make it work, make it happen… do what needs to be done now. It doesn’t have to be some grand gesture where you go straight to the finish line in one leap.
You start now, start with what you have, you get used to it, get it done, and you move on.

And as for all that other shit that you’ve been stressing about? Well… it will come in time. No one really knows the 20th move before they’ve taken the first 19. And by the time you get to where you’re going, you will have already practised, developed, explored, learned, and come up with some possible answer for whatever might arise before it ever becomes a problem.

If you want a great job, go learn the basic skills, then develop on them.
You want to run a marathon? Try walking around the park.
You want to be worth millions? Figure out how to pay the bills first. (Yes, I know there’s more to it than that)
Want to travel the world? Figure out your first destination.

There’s always something to do right now, at this moment that will get you closer to that big vision or that big dream life, and by doing what is needed right now you’ll be prepared for that “big life thing” before it gets here.

There is no test.
There is no gold frickin star!
And you will never know all the answers before you get there.
So stop trying to prepare for all eventualities, just get on out there and start doing the damn thing.

"Life is a script of your own writing..." journal. 96-lined pages with matching pen

This little ass-kicking is brought to you straight from the pages of my own personal journal… yes, this is a message to myself, as much as it is for you.

How about you start writing your own little ass-kickery, and creating your own life?

After all, Life is a script of your own writing… right?
You need to start writing it somewhere!

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