What’s the difference?
Why is that important?

Look for your MOTIVE

Motivation is Bullshit, I covered that one a few years ago.

We spend our lives waiting for motivation… because when it does, we’ll finally hit the gym, lose weight, go that place, do that thing, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah…

The list goes on, we all have one.

We’ve already called on good ol’ motivation to get us through, get us going, waited for, hoped for it… and yet, it never came… not once, not even a little bit, not at all.

It left you hanging high and dry, doing nothing, just waiting…

And that’s pretty much why it’s bullshit.

Not motivation itself… more the waiting for it.

Counting on it.
Hoping it’s gonna come and save your ass, or kick into action.

It won’t.

And that’s where one little tweak makes all the difference.
Stop looking for motivation and start looking for motive instead.

What’s motive?

Well, that’s the reason you want something.

It’s the end goal.
The thing behind the thing.
It’s really the only thing…
Cos let’s face it… do you want to go to the gym to lose weight? No.

You wanna lose weight to look smokin’ hot, and you know the way to do that (one way) is to go to the gym and workout.

It’s like wanting the promotion… is it for the job title? No.

It might be for the pay rise, the prestige… it could be to pay off the debts quicker, pay fo the next holiday, it could even be because you saw something you could do better in the business, or the industry and new the best way to get it into place was to do it yourself, and the only way that would happen is to get the promotion…

You get me?

So fuck motivation, like I said before, it’s bullshit.

Start looking for your motive.
What is it you want?
What do you need?
How are you gonna do it?

Motive will get you much further than waiting, or counting on motivation to appear ever could, because when used as a verb… is to motivate.

So tap into your own motivation well.

Stop sitting on your ass waiting for motivation to hit, for inspiration to hit, cos it won’t happen (it hasn’t happened so far, so why would it start now?)

Next time you’re stuck, look for the motive… what are you looking for? What are you moving towards? What are you working for? Why?

Find the motive.

The motivation will sort itself

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