It’s something I’ve known for, well, ever… but it only recently made sense to me on a conscious level.

Millionaires DON’T have a million in the bank.

Well, not always. (Some of them definitely, probably do)

It’s in investments, properties, stocks, shares etc… not just in ones and zeros in the bank. (Or any other digit for that matter)

So really, it’s kinda easy.

And they don’t need to earn a million a year to be millionaires either… it’s not about what’s coming in, or how much is in the bank.


It’s what they do with what they have that counts – they way the money works for them, not the other way around.
Much like anything else in this damn world – its not how you work for it but how it works for you.

Like writing… it doesn’t matter how hard I work at writing, I could write all day every day til my fingers bleed, but if the writing’s shit it won’t go anywhere.

I could work really hard at making my house look a certain way, but if the space is impractical, and doesn’t work for my needs, then what’s the point?

it’s not about how hard you work for what you have; it’s about how what you have works for you

And there it is… something so simple, so small, yet so freaking significant all at once.

“Ask not what you can do for your waiter, but what your waiter can do for you”

Dirty Dancing

Money is your waiter.

Your business is your waiter.

Your home is your waiter.

All of these things we work so damn hard for; it’s time to call into check. It’s time to see how well it can all work for you why play the one-sided deal?

That’s not how life works.

That’s not how you play this game!

Think about it; if you were in a romantic relationship (or even if you are) would you be happy if you were the one person doing everything and expected to be the one doing all the work?


Would you hell. You’d be out of there faster than you got into it.


Because it’s a two-way street.

It’s not about who can do most, who does the most, who’s expected to pull the weight.

It sucks being the one who does all of everything

It sucks being the one doing all the work, putting all the effort in.

So why would you be the only one putting the effort in with the money, the business, the house, the space?

Is it because you’re the human? The person responsible for all of the above?

Does that instantly eradicate any and all possibility that the stuff you’ve got around you can do something for you?

It would be pretty flipping useless if you had a car, did all the usual stuff for it to work and it just sat there like a lump of dead metal, rubber and plastic.
Who hasn’t had a car that’s broken down and been frustrated?

We do what we have to – fill ‘er up, turn the keys, press the pedals, all of “the work” and yet… it works for us.
With minimal effort on my part I can be driving down the road at 30mph, 50, 60, 70… the car works for me as much as I work for it!

Can’t it be the same with everything we have?
Shouldn’t it be the same with everything we have?

Even with our possessions, belongings… I’m sure by now you’ve heard the question “does it spark joy?” It’s been buzzing around for years since The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and the KonMari method became popular… that’s how your things work for you… they help, they make life easier, sometimes they just make life a little more pleasant, fun to look at, feel better: “Spark Joy”

It’s really quite simple when you look at it this way;

Work hard for what you have, and have what you have work hard for you.


The end.

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