It’s not so difficult, is it?
Do as you’re told
Do what they say
Stay within the lines
Just stick to doing what you’re told
What’s expected of you
Stay in your lane
Stick to your pay grade.

Don’t do anything above or beyond and CERTAINLY don’t dare question anything that someone “of authority” has declared you must do.

Not ever.
Not even a little bit
Not even once

Not even to defend someone else!


Because the rules are there to be followed !

All the rules, from childhood through to adulthood.
These rules start in school
And I’m not talking about the simple rules, ,like “Do unto others…” that focus on teaching people to respect those around them.
Taking care of yourself, of others, and your environment.


I’m talking about the other rules.
The restrictive
The oppressive
The draining

The rules that everyone are just told, or expected to follow mindlessly because
“they’re the rules”
“That’s how it’s always been”

The bullshit rules that make people doubt themselves, feel bad about themselves.
The rules that belittle and undermine people
Make them feel less than
Make them feel uncomfortable

The rules that teach and permit people to treat others as “less than”

What are we really teaching our children?

There’s a deep held belief system that children should just go to school, live by the school rules, and learn whatever the curriculum serves up, in whichever way school tells them to (because there’s only ever one right answer at school) – all in the belief that it will “prepare them for the real world”

What an absolute load of bollocks!

The rules, when you really look at them are restrictive.
And for all the “inclusivity” that is preached about, they do a damn good job at creating divides.

If you don’t look the right way (your hair, clothes, shoes, EVERYTHING is scrutinised) then you’re in trouble. And not just by the bullies in the playground, no, the teachers, the senior staff are all ready to point out how you’re wearing “incorrect” or “unsuitable” attire, and some of the reasons are ridiculous.

Then you’re segregated by ability. The top set, bottom set and all in between. Yes, it may help with teaching, but it also shows who’s where in the “pecking order” of things.

Then there are the other rules; the unwritten rules and lessons.
The ones that teach you (subconciously) that there’s ONLY ONE WAY.

Only one right answer
Only one path to follow
Only one way to live your life

And these are all based on these arbitrary segregations within classrooms.

Just because someone is smart, doesn’t mean they’re successful.
Just because someone follows the rules and ticks the right boxes in the right order, doesn’t mean they’re any better than the rest.

Oh no.
Far from it.

And if you look around at the most successful people in history, they’re not the ones who sat happily in class getting top marks (the one’s we’re all told will be the successful ones)

Some of the greatest scientists who we learn about didn’t go to school, or were constantly berated for being distant and aloof in class.

Roald Dahl was told he was stupid and would never amount to anything, let alone a writer, because of his dyslexia. Now they teach his books in schools.

FIdgety students who “misbehave, can’t sit still and are a distraction” turn into dancers, choreographers, performers, artists.

The “class clown” becomes a successful stand up comedian…

Those that fail endlessly in class who don’t pay attention, ask too many questions.
Those that drop out, don’t focus, don’t fit in, don’t listen, don’t think the same way… the ones who (according to academia) will amount to nothing become wildly successful entrepreneurs.
Just look at Gary Vee, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs.

It doesn’t take a degree, or a doctorate, to work out what I’m saying…

Just because we’re all taught (through school) that there’s one right way, doesn’t mean there is.

After all, don’t we also know that one size doesn’t fit all?

So, when it comes to “the rules”.. use your judgement.
Many of them are arbitrary, put in place to keep those at the top at the top, ands to those that dare to do differently from ever rising.

Question the rules.

Look at what they’re there to support, and what they’re there to stop.

And remember; “The rules are, there ain’t no rules

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