Lately, I’ve noticed I do a few random things that really help boost my productivity.  Especially when I’m feeling in a funk!

1 – Tie my hair up.

I have long hair, and I very rarely tie it up.  Some of my friends, whom I’ve known for years have never even seen my hair tied back.  However, if there’s something I know I need to get done, I quickly throw it in a ponytail and instantly feel like I can tackle anything.  I don’t know why, but once it’s out of the way I feel like I can focus better, and get things checked off my list.  Probably because I’m not always moving it out of my way!

2 – Put some music on.

I love my music, and if I have some upbeat tunes playing my whole day just speeds up.  I seem to make decisions quicker, I’m more focused; think faster, act faster. Life becomes less of a drag. Amazon Music has become my sanity saviour.  With ready-made playlists that last up to 3 hours, what’s not to love?!

3 – Tidy up!

I give myself 10 minutes to ‘clean up’ I start closest to my workspace and move outwards.  I work from home, usually in my living room, and clearing the space of kids stuff makes all the difference.  I don’t feel guilty for leaving the housework, and it gives me clear mental and physical space to work with.

4 – Light a candle

I usually have a scented candle. or oil burner on the go.  There’s something about a new fragrance in the house that helps perk me up and keeps me moving.  Todays is a Black Coconut Yankee Candle – gorgeous!

5 – Set a Timer

Sometimes, no matter what I do, I still don’t feel ready to work.  That changes the second I set a timer.  I use the Pomodoro technique to get stuff done, and knowing I only need to focus for 25 minutes gives me a boost to get stuff done.  Plus, it’s always fun to cross off a few tasks in one session.

If all else fails…

Leave the house!

I’m lucky that what I do means I can work from anywhere with an internet connection.  Some days cabin fever sets in and I can’t stand being in the house any longer, so I pack up my laptop, charger & notebook and head out the door.  I set up camp in my favourite coffee shop, armed with a drink and something to eat.  Some days I go to the shop near where a friend works, so we can meet for lunch halfway through the day whilst still being productive.

Are there any things you do that help you boost your productivity?

Let me know below.

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