I know a lot of things, I can speak of them with confidence and conviction.

How to live your best life.
How to stand up for yourself.
How to get what you want.
Not standing for shit.


I talk a good game, I help people get what they want, how to take steps forward when they’re feeling stuck.

I’ve been the one on call when people feel down with their luck, stuck in the mud and generally want a shove in the right direction.

I’m the one with an opinion, an insight, an outlook, an idea…

I talk a good game.

But I’ve been scared shitless of taking my life to the levels I want it to be.

I’ve been scared of stepping up, sharing, being open to receiving.

I’ve held myself back from so many things that I want in life and made myself settle for fear of people feeling uncomfortable around me, or not liking me anymore.

I’m a loner that doesn’t really want to be alone.

I’ve kept quiet because there might be someone out there who knows me “in real life” who calls me out and says “who are you to talk like that?” – it’s happened. It annoyed me, but deep down, I knew they were right. Who am I to say I know how to help people get what they want when I’ve spent so long not helping myself?

I’ve been afraid to put offers out within my business because even though I know what I’m doing, I’ve been afraid of visibility, or rejection, of my own inadequacies and the fact that some of the stuff I KNOW how to do, and have helped others to do, I’m not doing for myself.

I’ve been hiding from my own truth, and my own potentiality while trying to help everyone else see theirs within themselves.

I had a warped and twisted idea that the only way I was allowed to live my life in the way I choose is if everyone else had theirs first.

Well, it’s time I walked my talk.

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