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There are things people say about me, say to me in some cases, and at one point in time, they might have hurt me.

But not anymore.

See, what people say about me, to me, people like me, is more a reflection of themselves. I’ve learned that. It’s more to do with their inability to handle me, or someone like me than it is actually about me.

Things like, I’m pushy, I’m demanding, condescending, antagonistic, too loud, too talkative (which is perfect for an introvert like me), I’m too opinionated, I question too much, want too much. I’m needy and expect too much from people. I push too hard.
I’m too headstrong, I don’t care about other peoples feelings, or what they want. I’m selfish. I question things too much, I can’t just let things “be”.
I know too much or think I do, I could keep going, but I’m bored already…

I am opinionated. What I say might not match up to what you’re thinking, or feeling.
I am challenging too (antagonistic? Maybe) – because I won’t just take what you say at face value, I want to know more, I want to know why you think it or feel it. I want to know that this is really coming from you, not some bullshit you’re just paying forward without any real thought.

Because that’s how I am. Not just with you, but with myself too.

I don’t do hiding behind excuses, or “I don’t know” or “I can’t put it into words just yet”.

You can’t put it into words? BULLSHIT!

Unless you’re 100% illiterate and don’t actually know ANY words, then you can put it into words. They may not be eloquent; they may feel a little rough around the edges, maybe even harsh, but you can do it. I don’t believe any other way.

No, it’s not that you “can’t” it’s that you won’t. You don’t want to.

So here’s the thing… if you feel it, or think it, and believe it, you can say it… whether to yourself or to me.

I’m the person who has spent half her life denying her feelings, refusing to put shit into words… do you know where it got me? Nowhere.

Actually, that’s not true… it got me to the bottom of a pit where I felt useless and overwhelmed. Like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders and I felt like I couldn’t say or do anything about it.

That’s total bollocks.

Do you know why I know that?

Because I stopped believing my own bullshit.
I stopped TELLING MYSELF that I couldn’t put it into words.
That I couldn’t understand it.
That I couldn’t do anything about it.
I quit the bullshit and the sob story… I quit all of that.

And you know what happened?


I started putting it all into words, not just in my head, but in writing – putting it all into writing allowed me to work through more shit, faster.

The more I put it into words, the more I realised that it had no weight anymore, I felt lighter.
It’s like holding a tonne of feathers… once you realise they’re feathers, they’re light enough to float away – the only reason why they’re not floating away is because you’re holding on to them so tightly, once you release your chokehold on them, they start floating away, and once they start floating away, the load gets lighter and you’re left holding less.

Before long you’re left not holding onto much, and those new things that come along take less to deal with – because you see them for what they really are!

That’s why people, people like me, can move through shit quickly, faster than a lot of other people – because we see it for what it is! And instead of letting the weight hold you back you just embrace it, face it head-on, see it for what it is, then allow it to float on by, brush it off, let it go.

But you need to be OK with doing that – not comfortable, that’s a whole different ballgame. For a lot of this, it won’t be comfortable, not to start with. Get used to it. The more you get used to it, the better for you.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

It’s becoming a bit of a cliche, I’ll admit, but it’s the only way. Yes, the whole “comfortable with uncomfortable” is a bit of a dumb statement, the two completely contradict each other, but you need to get used to it, and more importantly, you need to be WILLING to make yourself uncomfortable.

If you don’t, you’re never going to get to the next part, and that’s going to keep you stuck with this discomfort that you keep saying you want to move away from.

So which is it gonna be?

The slowly crippling weight of everything that you don’t want to deal with, don’t want to carry anymore that you constantly beat yourself up about, choke down, drown out, cry about behind closed doors, or are you going to sucker punch yourself into letting that shit go once and for all?

What’s it gonna be?

p.s. This is part of the process, the one that helped me go from rock bottom to where I am now. If you want to know more, learn how and where it fits, grab the audio download that I put together for you: Feelin’ Like Shit to Rockin’ It!
Believe me, once you get past the bullshit of “not putting it into words” everything will get a whole lot easier.

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I get it.  We’ve all been there, so let’s sort this shit out

It sucks, right?

That shitty low feeling where you just feel down, deflated, pissed off with the world for no reason, and you’ve just had enough. 

You’re not particularly angry, or sad, or maybe you are, maybe you’re just feeling “ugh!” (yes, that’s a real feeling) that kinda nothingness where you know something’s up, but you’re not quite sure what.

Well, how about we get right in there and sort that shit out? 

This is my personal 5-Step Reset that I go through to get me from Feelin’ Like Shit to Rockin’ It!  

I’m not saying it’ll be fun n easy, there’s no magic cure, but this works, every time.

I come back to this all the time, and I’ve shared it with my closest friends when they’re having a shitty day (or a week, or month, or however long) and it works for them too…

So how about it, are you done feelin’ like shit?  Are you ready?  Let’s go

Drop your details into the form, and I’m gonna send you over a quick audio that talks you through the 5 steps I take, that are going to help you go from
Feelin’ Like Shit to Rockin’ It! 





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