There’s a thing that’s been holding me back… I wrote about it in this post last year: How to be more successful than most people will ever be

The thing is, people expect you to only be successful when they see proof.
In the case of the last post, it was because I had nothing to show whereby I could say “look at me….i did it my way and look where its got me”

There’s a HUGE problem with this statement… one that I overlooked at the time, yet I remembered this morning during a conversation… in order to live by this statement (much like people expect) I need to have DONE the thing.

Past tense.

I need to have already lived my life, and had the results…

Do you get where I’m going with this yet?

It’s all written in the past tense!

Being in the past tense, indicates me being done, close to the end, at the end of the story of my life. “I did it my way” can only be said when you’re already at the finish line.

I’m not on death’s door, and I’m not likely to get hit by a bus (mostly cos I’m not going very far lately). I am most certainly not at the finish line of anything right now.
Well, some things, but they’re not particularly important here.

My life is not over.
My life has barely even started… So how can I say “look at me….i did it my way and look where its got me?” I can’t. It’s impossible.
I’m not done.
I’ve barely even fucking begun!

But here’s what I can say… I’m DOING it my way. Present tense. Right now. Here, in this moment.

This is my life.
This is how I’m living.
This is what I’m choosing.
This is how it’s going.
This is where I hope to be.
This is where I am, compared to where I used to be.

And that? That’s far more important and impactful than “look at me….i did it my way and look where its got me”

Why? Because it’s showing it’s possible.
It shows that it’s OK to not know, to fuck up, to not have it all right now.
To feel secure enough that if I follow my own inner guidance, my intuition, my curiosity, then it WILL get me to where I want to be.

By standing up now and saying “Hey! I’m doing things my way, you wanna come along for the ride and live your life your way?” We get to share in this journey.

We get to write our own rule books.
Play our own games.
We get to learn and grow together.

And that’s far more enjoyable and impactful than trying to go this whole crazy life in a Me vs The Rest of The World mentality.

I’m not here to “fight the system” or “buck tradition”
They’re all bullshit made up ideas anyway… tradition only goes back as far as we remember (They’re referred to as “the good ol’ days”) and the “system” was never designed with personal joy and fulfilment in mind, far from it.
I don’t wanna “fight them”, I’m just gonna straight up ignore that they even fucking exist!

I’m not buying into the bullshit.
I don’t wanna.
I don’t care.
You wanna? Cool. You do you.
That shit’s not for me.

If you think the key to a happy and successful life is a job with a steady pay check, that allows you just over enough, with a few weeks breaks per year, at someone else’s say so, then go ahead, take that, live that. Feel safe in that.
(It’s ok, it doesn’t matter that they can stop your pay check at any time with a few weeks notice due to “downsizing” or whatever)

I’m not into that.

I don’t want to live on someone else’s schedule.
I don’t wanna get to 2:30pm and want to nap, but have to “push through”
I don’t want to have to apologise for my children being ill and needing their mum.
I don’t want to have to answer to some man (it’s typically a man) as to why I need the time off for family related issues.
I don’t want to wait for a permission slip for time off to take my kids to the park, or the beach when the weather might be nice.
I don’t want to apologise to my kids for not being able to make it to their thing because I have to work.

I don’t want to.
And I won’t.

I will not sacrifice any moment of my life in order to “make a living”
I won’t. It’s not in me.

I will not ask permission to spend my life how I please.
I won’t. It’s not in me.

I will not wait until I am done in life to decide whether or not it was worth it.
I won’t. It’s not in me.

I will not put the needs and opinions of others above the needs of my own to my own detriment.
I won’t. It’s not in me.

I will not wait to share the “end result” before I’m finished.
I won’t. It’s not in me.

And it makes no sense to. It serves no one.

Life is not one final destination.
It is a journey. One with lots of steps, and milestones along the way. Some bigger, some smaller, some that go beyond our wildest expectations, and some that don’t even come close.

And that right there, is why I know I will always be wildly more successful than most.

The saddest part of most peoples existence is the end. The reflections, and the “I wish I had…” that we hear so much about.

I’m not here for that.

I wanna get to the end, lay down exhausted going “did you see that? That was AWESOME!” I want to get to the end of my life and I want to be able to wish I could do it all over again because it was so great! Not because I’m riddled with regrets.
I know I only have one life. One that I’ve barely even started. And I know that the only way to replicate it is to share my way with others, to inspire them to live their wildest ride… that way my life gets to be truly fulfilled.

And that right there, is how I know I will get to be more successful than most people will ever be.

I just want a lot more people to come along on that ride with me.

Are you game?

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