“I want to get my business seen on Pinterest, but I’ve only just started my blog”
“How do I get people to click to my site from Pinterest?”
“I’m saving stuff to Pinterest all the time but I’m still not getting anyone on my blog”

You need to create your own content to be seen on Pinterest

OK… When you get started with your business, blog and Pinterest, it’s hard… you’re not going to have all the content that you need to create lots of traffic from Pinterest.  But you can still generate traffic.

The first step to being seen on Pinterest is saving popular content.  This will work in your favour because you’ll be included in the Smart Feed algorithms.  The more content you share, the more views you’ll get.

Once you’ve got into the habit of pinning regular content, you can start to incorporate your own content as you create it.

You can’t build without bricks

Using other peoples content is a  good foundation, but you will need to put your own content out there. The more content you create, the more you can share… not always easy, so you need to build gradually.  Here’s how you can grow your reach without much content;

  • Add content to multiple boards

Yes.  It’s that simple.

Your content needs a strategy

Going onto Pinterest and saving tons of content in one go, then ignoring it for a week isn’t going to cut it.  You need to save good content regularly.  This is where Tailwind* holds its own and helps you do 80% of the work.

Putting together a strategy is fairly easy.  You need;

  • The type of content your audience is looking for/at
  • When your audience is online (Pinterest content is evergreen, but it still helps to be active when your audience is)
  • A map of what content you are saving to which board(s)
  • Tailwind* – Trust me, this app will condense hours of work into minutes!

When you have your content ready to go, decide which boards you want it to be saved into and schedule to Tailwind so your content is spread out well on your feed.  I recommend leaving 10-40 days between saving the same content as this gives your content a good chance of being rescheduled with plenty of other content in between.  If you can, add multiple images to the same post and see which ones perform better when saved on Pinterest.

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