Sometimes, I just don’t care and there are things I just don’t want to fucking do.
It really is THAT simple!
I don’t care
I don’t want to
I’m not going to
I don’t.

And I’m sick of being told that I should, or I have to, or whatever other bullshit, because that’s how other people live their lives because that’s what other people do.


I don’t get any weird “sense of accomplishment” from doing what I don’t want, just because it’s “expected”. I just don’t.
It’s really difficult to have a “sense of pride” in something you hate, and don’t want or never wanted. I can’t. You can’t.

And I hate this idea that we just have to “make do”. We REALLY DON’T!

Do you know who “makes do”?
People who have given up.
Given up trying.
Given up wanting.
Given up believing that there even is more.
That there is better.
And that they can have whatever they damn well want, and more besides.
Because they don’t have to “make do”.

They don’t buy into the idea that they have to put up with, or make do with anything “for now”.

They pretty much ignore “now” because it’s not what they damn well want!
They get it, they see it, they live with it, through it, but they don’t live into it.
They don’t, never would, and never will settle for it.
Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

Now is just a moment.
Time in passing, and if it’s not EXACTLY what or how you want it, then what’s the point in holding onto it, or even trying to?

Why would you waste your time or your energy trying to make something work that just isn’t meant to?

You shouldn’t.
It’s pointless.

Because the more you do that, the more you settle into this, “make this work”, the more you’re pushing away and holding yourself back from having what you actually freaking want!

So, it’s OK not to care about this.
It’s OK not to put your time and your energy into this moment right here.

As long as you’re putting your energy into getting what you DO want, and what you DO care about.

And I promise you, for as much as you don’t care about this, or about right now, once you get to that point, the one you want… not a damn soul alive will ever question how much you care, or about how little you want it because the fucks you give will seemingly go from zero to all because that’s where they have always been.

So don’t settle.
Don’t EVER fucking settle for this, or make do with shit you don’t want.
It’s not worth it.
So fuck it.

Don’t waste your life like that.

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