It’s mid-November Debbie, give it a rest! 

OK…firstly, today’s a little different, and there’s a good reason for this (I don’t wanna bore you)

What are you thinking about right now in your business? 

What are you thinking about right now in your personal life? 

Chances are in your business, you want to start winding down for the Christmas break, but you also know you need to have things working for you, so when you get back to it your business hasn’t completely died off… 

This time of year is as much about prepping for the New Year as it is about getting ready to put your feet up. 

It’s a weird balance… 

In your personal life, that thing you do/have because you’re a human, you’ll be thinking about what you want to do over the next 365 days… your New Year Resolutions. 

Better health, less junk food, more exercise, less stuff, a new hobby, new home, more fun, less stress… all common topics for this time of year…

I’m gonna let you in on a little (not-so) secret – So are your customers!

People don’t go to Facebook to do plan their goals, or Instagram, or Twitter… they go to Pinterest!

The self-indulgent search engine (my words, not theirs) where people go to find the stuff that will help them live the life they wanna lead in 2019 and beyond, and save them into little boards

– They’re creating dream boards. and vision boards, 
– Planning their holidays/vacations… 
– Looking for healthier recipes and workout routines. 
– Looking at how to decorate their homes and storage ideas for all the kids’ new toys… maybe they’re fixing for a new look…


They use Facebook & Insta etc to CELEBRATE their wins and show off what they’ve achieved. Not plan it!


What are you waiting for?

Get your butt on there!  (I’m feeling bossy today, can you tell?)

Not sure how? Ask me. I know and I can help you.

My clients have had over 1 million views per month (with 15k followers) 
First sales within 6 weeks with less than 10 followers and a few thousand views
90% blog traffic from Pinterest vs. 6% from Facebook & 4% other platforms

Stop flogging a dying horse and get seen.  (Social media isn’t quite dead yet, but it’s struggling)

You don’t even have to pay me for it!

I can advise you on the best route to go – just book a call.

I can tell you my favourite tips/tricks to get moving at low cost 
I can do it for you (that will cost you)
I can even put together training to show your tribe how to do it for themselves too (that’ll cost you too)
More importantly, I WANT YOU to get on there and do well. 
Not for me, FOR YOU! 

What are you waiting for?  

You can book into my calendar here (although spaces are limited): debbiebradley.co.uk/calendar

I’m off to list some stuff on eBay now (life goals)

Talk to you soon

Debbie x

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