“Dream big” Is touted as the way to break through everything and live the life of your dreams.

“The sky’s the limit!”
That’s all well and good, unless you’re stuck in the mud… the cold, dark mud that pulls you under in one dark swelling cloud after another.

Sometimes it feels like the mud is so thick that no matter how you reach for the stars they just feel further away… you listen to those who are successful… the ones you respect and admire, who share their “rags to riches” story… the struggle, the push through to the big reward… it’s easy… you just need to invest. Invest in yourself. Your time, your money, your energy.

You need to dream big, and work out what your life’s purpose is.

What’s your dream life like?
How do you want to live?
What do you want to be doing?

There’s are all great questions, but when your life feels like quicksand, they can be debilitating.
And let’s be honest… sometimes that “big” life just isn’t us. Not really, not right now, not yet.

Maybe in our dreams, we want to live the big life, walk red carpets, rub elbows with royalty… we want the biggest and best of everything while retiring to our private island in our private jets…

But in reality?

We just want to go home, in our reasonably priced car, to our families after getting a decent paycheck for a job well done… we want to sit on the sofa, watch Netflix in the evening without worrying about the bills, or laundry pile or the dishes… we want our days to be simple, with holidays and fun days out… at least for now.

So why are we so hell bent on dreaming so big?

Dreaming in a way that makes even the most basic of wants so underwhelming that even when we get it, we’re unable to recognise it for what it is.
Which can often be a brilliant thing.

Or focusing on something so big, that it’s always just too far away; not real, and we don’t even know how to make it real

So here I want to challenge you…

Think of your biggest vision for your life. Whatever that might be.

Now find one super simple thing that you can put into your life right now.

Work towards that.
Whether it’s a clear laundry pile, no dishes left in the sink at night, £500 in savings, all your bills paid on time, one debt repaid… start there.

Trust me, once you’ve mastered that small goal, you’ll be in a better position to master the bigger ones.

It’s the compound effect. And it will lead to great things!

So what are you going for?

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