People always say that to me.

It’s like a warning.

Oh Please, I spend my life doing things you wouldn’t do!

It’s a warning to behave myself.

Act according to their definition of how life should be led.

Not one thing about the way they live their life appeals to me.

It’s safe.

By the book.

One foot in front of the other.



Yeah, it’s fine.

But from my viewpoint it’s boring as all hell.

They’ve settled for all the normal things expected of them.

Job. Check!

Relationship. Check!

Being a miserable fucker and sitting around watching tv every night with a drink in hand describing everything as “alright” and “same old” every day barely busting a smile. Check!

That’s the most boring and terrifying version of life I could ever imagine living…

I don’t want to settle.

I don’t want boring.

I don’t want to live with someone “just because” while we stare blankly at a screen every night just so I can say I’m not alone.

I’d rather be alone than lonely.

My life may be chaotic, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The only thing I would change is the source of the chaos and the crazy…

Instead of struggle, and getting through, I want excitement, freedom and fun. To grab life by the balls and take it for a wild ride.

A life filled with laughter, fun, passion and pushing boundaries.

Not sitting in a box thinking “well this is ok”

All that stuff that people see on tv and don’t believe is real.

Or really possible.

These “other people” That aren’t really humans, they’re this evolutionary alternative known as “celebrities” or “the rich” that seem to appear out of nowhere and are around for anything from 15 minutes to a lifetime.

The ones that don’t have “real responsibilities”

Or “don’t live in the real world” please, they don’t live on a fake earth!!

That is their fucking reality!

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

What’s that?

Play in indecisiveness?

Never make a change due to fear? Doubt? Uncertainty?

Never push yourself or try something new?

Never dare to be different?

To expect more from life?

For/From themselves?

For/From those around them?

Fuck that shit.

That’s settling.

That’s for people who aren’t like me.

That’s for the other people… the “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” people.

People content with bored.

I love boredom. But I’ll never be happy with it.

I want to live life the other way. Where “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Is a tongue in cheek challenge because practically nothing’s off limits.

That’s where I’m heading.

You coming?

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