You don’t have content to share!

Yes, Pinterest is the place to be if you want to get your stuff seen, but there’s a caveat… you need something to show!

If you’re not regularly generating content online, there’s no point trying to grow your business using Pinterest.

You need online content, such as;

  • Blog posts
  • Digital downloads
  • Product info pages
  • Videos

In a Nutshell:   Stuff that will bring people back to your site!

If you don’t have anything to share, you won’t grow your business using Pinterest.

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online content… but it’s a great starting point.

You need to be in a position where you can inspire the people who discover your content.  You can only inspire them if you’ve got something great to show them.

Consistency is key

Honestly, this is how you get to a million monthly views on Pinterest. Or any views on Pinterest!

You need to generate content regularly; saving to Pinterest multiple times a day is great. Saving your own content multiple times is fine. But if people only see one thing from you on repeat they’ll get bored. Being a ‘one hit wonder’ may have worked for Chesney Hawkes, but it won’t work for you!

Sporadic content won’t help

Pinterest algorithms also take into account how popular a site is.  Does it generate much traffic?  If it does, Pinterest will probably show it more.

I don’t know the details of the Pinterest algorithm, but I know I see more content from popular sites than unknown sites… intuition tells me that…

Creating consistent content, or even having a few pieces that people are paying frequent attention to will help.  

“But it only takes one piece to go viral!”

Yeah, great, Awesome. Do you know which piece is going to go viral? No… So your best bet is to make plenty of content and keep going, right?

One piece of content won’t magically go viral, regardless how great you think it is. Some viral pieces only go viral after they’ve been followed up/preceded with lots of ‘non-viral’ content.

Expecting your first/only piece of content to go viral is like winning the lottery on your one and only line.   It may happen, but really, what are the chances?  And how long will that success last?

Making excuses for NOT creating content won’t help.

How many people claim to be bloggers?  How many bloggers are genuinely successful?   Clue… It’s not the ones who post once in a blue moon.

A truly successful blogger is someone who generates content regularly and has an audience waiting for them. No matter what their topic.

I don’t consider myself a blogger because I don’t write often enough.  But I know successful bloggers.  I can tell you now, the most successful ones are the ones who post the most often… I’m talking daily, if not multiple times a day! And that’s just their regular content.  Promotions, offers, launches… they’re ADDITIONAL content.  They don’t take over the regular content map.

Blogging ain’t easy, but it’s definitely effective!

You can’t expect someone else to make it happen

No one, regardless of their success on Pinterest for themselves, or a client, has a magic wand that they can wave to create instant Pinterest Success.  It’s just not how it works.

Most success comes from the dedication on both parts… and that starts with you.  You need to generate the content that needs to be shared.

You can’t expect someone to work magic on Pinterest if they have nothing to work with!

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