• Becoming a Mum
  • Changing jobs
  • Leaving a job to stay home with the kids
  • Weight change
  • Suffering with Mental Health issues

All of these things can change how we see ourselves, and how we deal with what’s in our wardrobes Maybe you just want an EPIC makeover to mark a new part of your life…

You can use Pinterest to build your dream wardrobe!

Recently I teamed up with a lovely friend of mine, Janette Miller, of Janette Miller Styling, and we hosted an amazing live Masterclass showing how to use Pinterest to discover your personal style.  It was so much fun!

When I first got chatting to Janette, I told her…

“I don’t really have a personal style.  I never really figured out what it is.  I just wear the same thing every day” (yes, really!)

This is something that Janette has heard a lot with her clients.  Women who have lost their sense of self, and their personal style through life events

  • Having Kids
  • Changing jobs
  • Leaving full-time work to work from home
  • Weight change
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Not knowing what to buy
  • so many other reasons…

Here’s the thing… despite not thinking I have a personal style, I’ve had a board dedicated to clothes and Looks I Like since I first started out on Pinterest back in 2011.   This is the magic of Pinterest…

You can discover your Personal Style using Pinterest

And it’s SO easy to do!

I’m no personal stylist, The Style Lounge is the place to be for that, but I can show you how to use Pinterest to start getting an idea of your personal style.

Discover your inner style with the Discover Your Personal Style Using Pinterest Masterclass

Now, this is not a live workshop, but we had so much fun hosting this class, that we created a Masterclass just for you!

No woman should feel less than amazing in her clothes, and her wardrobe should reflect who she is, and who she wants to be on a daily basis, not just when she’s dressed up for a night out.

You can get instant access to the workshop, right now!

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