I’ve been talking with a friend… I should have a Facebook group.

Firstly… “should” … I don’t like “should” … “should” makes me shudder.

“Should” makes me cringe.
“Should” makes me wanna poke my eyes out with a spoon.

So I instantly go into bullshit excuses mode.

I can’t think of a name.
I have a short (long?) list of people I just wouldn’t/don’t want in there.
I wouldn’t know what to post.
I don’t wanna spend all my time fucking about with a Facebook group.
Reach is shit.
Engagement can be a nightmare.
I don’t particularly want “all eyes on me”
Social media is the bane of my life.
Why do I “need” one, really?
No… it’s just bullshit.

Almost as much bullshit as all my excuses.

Excuses = resistance.

Once upon a time, I had a group… it drained my fucking soul!

It killed me dead.
It was suuuch a drraaaggg 😩 blleeehhh

It sucked hairy baggy balls.
It was no fun.
Posting in there was like throwing sticky notes into a cavern and hoping people “got the message”
It brought out the worst in me.
Actually, it accentuated all the very reasons I screamed “I don’t wanna!” in the first place.

I let it live down to my every worst expectation that I could possibly have for social media and Facebook groups.

“well, where else are you gonna do it? You may as well just use what you have and where most people are anyway”

Meehhh… screw you and your logic.

But actually… I’ve given it some thought.

I had my tantrum.
Picked the teddy back up.
Pulled myself together.
Got my grownup thinking head on, and here’s the thing…

A Facebook group gives me the ability to filter out those I don’t want in…
People who “just wanna be nosy” aren’t likely to ask to join anyway.
Those who I know are just nosy fuckers can be turned away at the door.
I can say what I want without the “judgement brigade” sticking their 2 pence in (something very different to sharing a differing opinion, btw!)
I get to do shit/say shit in a way I don’t want to on my profile or page.
It can be a “safe haven” for those who wanna be there and share shit they don’t wanna share publicly.
Engagement is only low if you post boring crap that no one wants to engage with in the first place.

So now there’s a group… “Coffee, and…

It’s where I, Debbie Bradley, aka The Opinionated Woman, plan on sharing more shit in a slightly less filtered way and hope to have more actual conversations around the stuff that really matters.
It’s where I’ll also be sharing more ways for us to work together, because, y’know, that’s what I’m here for!

So, if you wanna join the group, go ahead, here’s the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/coffeeand, it’s brand new, so it’s quiet right now, and some things are still being worked out, but I’d like to see you in there (unless of course, you’re one of the aforementioned nosy fuckers)

So actually, no… this is not “an engagement post” (they’re boring AF), this is an action post.
Take it, or don’t.

Debs x

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