Pinterest can improve your life!

Bold statement, yes… but is it true?  I’d say so.

Here’s why…

Since I started using Pinterest back in 2011, here are some of the ways I’ve used Pinterest to help me…

1 – Collect ideas/Research

I first discovered Pinterest when I went back to University. “Write a blog,” they said… “I have a better idea,” I said…

Backstory… I was 25 when I started back at Uni, I was 8 months pregnant (yes, really) had a 4-year-old who’d just started full-time school, a partner who worked crazy hours, and a 43-mile daily commute… As part of my design degree, I was tasked with hosting a blog to collect and collate my ideas and inspirations.  All well and good except I was already juggling a million other things.  So a quick look around, and I came across this relatively new, and seemingly unheard of site called Pinterest, it was just what I needed.

Within a few months, a few other people on the course were using Pinterest, and the module was changed to incorporate Pinterest or a blog.

Lesson:  Pinterest can SERIOUSLY help with your studies (formal education of otherwise)

If you need to collect ideas and inspiration, Pinterest is the place to do it.

2 – Redesign the home

This is a pretty obvious one.  You can find any home-related items from luxurious to thrifty.  If you want budget-friendly ways to organise your sock drawer, to creating a picture-perfect garden, you can find it on Pinterest.

3 – Entertain the kids

Planning family activities for rainy days, school holidays and birthday parties.  You can pretty much find it all on Pinterest, if not, you can find it on a mommy-blog (or daddy-blog) and save it to Pinterest for when you need it.   I’ve used Pinterest for printable colouring sheets, homework help and planning a super awesome Tinkerbell themed birthday party complete with homemade decorations, cake and party bag ideas that blew their socks off

4 – Discover more about yourself

Are you a personality test quiz junkie and want to know more about your Briggs Myers personality type – you can din it on Pinterest

Looking in your wardrobe every day and not finding anything to wear, or hating your utter lack of style?  Head to Pinterest and start a style board.

5 – Turn your hobby into a business

Do you make something and share it on a blog, or sell handmade stuff on Etsy?

Share it on Pinterest.  Pinterest is one of the most consistently growing search engines on the internet.  Make the most of it and share your posts to Pinterest to grow your visibility and blog traffic

6 – Grow your business

Most businesses are online now, and most have a blog  If you have an online business, Pinterest is a great place for you to promote without worrying about algorithm changes and follower numbers, or hours spent on ‘engagement’.  If you solve a problem that people are searching for, you should be on Pinterest, and getting your name out there, helping people find you.

This is about VISIBILITY for your business.  Something we all need and want for our businesses.

Don’t think you have a business suitable for Pinterest?  I bet I can change your mind.

8 – Put together Vision Boards to keep you inspired and on track

These don’t have to be public boards, I create a new Secret Board every year where I keep a visual reminder of what I want from the year.  Whether it’s an inspirational quote or an image that represents something bigger

9 – Keep track of what you’ve watched/read/listened to

How often have you spoken to friends about the last film you watched or book you read, awesome song or band you heard?  Why not put a board (or boards) together on Pinterest?  You don’t have to have a blog of your own to review them, save a link from Amazon or IMDb, YouTube video, use it as a catch-all for all your recommendations along the way

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