I have this image set as the lock screen on my phone… It’s an Aristotle quote (or so the internet tells me)

It’s been there since 2019, and it serves as a reminder that if I want to do the things I want, and achieve the things I dream of, which all ultimately equal freedom in my life, then I need to be disciplined in the actions I take.

Sometimes, I am, sometimes, I’m not.

It’s all a matter of practice and one I need to remind myself of daily until it becomes an ingrained habit.

I’ve done a lot of research and studying over the years about habits, everything from doing the things we do, to eating what we eat. It’s all a habit. We live so much of our life on “autopilot” it’s unreal.

Our brains recognise a thing we do/think/feel and responds accordingly based on what it remembers we chose to do previously.

It’s why we “comfort eat”, or watch TV instead of going for a walk, even though we’ve said that’s what we’re going to do.

It’s just habits, most of which, we’re completely unaware of on a surface level.

Do you know what helps break these habits? Accountability.

Checking in with yourself, or someone else regularly requires you to actually engage your brain.

Get away from living on autopilot, and moving into conscious decision and thought.

That’s why I like to check-in with people, I have friends who hold me accountable, and give me some tough love once in a while to keep me on track.

I’ve been part of groups and programs that are designed to hold me accountable, and yet, they’ve failed.

It’s not that there was anything inherently “wrong” with the groups, but sometimes, I’ve allowed my own insecurities to hold me back from sharing into those groups.

Remember when you were in school and the teacher asked if anyone had any questions? I’m betting there was a time you were desperate to put your hand up, to answer something, to ask something, to get help, have something be more clear, and instead, you kept your hand down, clamped to the desk, or your lap… held there by insecurity and doubt.

What if they laugh at me?
What if the teacher gets angry?
What if I look stupid?
What if I’m wrong?
What if I’m not good enough?
What if people think I’m bragging?
What if…
What if…
No, I can’t. I shouldn’t.

I was there all too often, but if I had direct, private access to my teachers, tutors, or coaches, I would happily ask those questions and discuss what was going on. I know it all too well. At 35, I still operate in a very similar way.

This is why I want to do things differently.

I don’t want people to feel like they need to put everything out in public.

Sometimes, it can feel too much, sometimes, it can feel like not enough.

For months I’ve wanted to find an accountability solution that allows me to work with someone via email. I don’t want to be “hanging out” in a Facebook group, or jumping on Zoom calls etc… that shit takes more time and energy than I typically have in a day. I’d rather “drop an email” than “jump on a call” (what can I say? I’m used to old school office vibes)

I want something that can clear my head and move me forward quickly.
Sometimes, just writing it out, helps me get to an answer…

I figured, if I wanted something like that, then others probably would too.

Up to now, I haven’t found one, so I decided to create one.

I want to test the waters a little with this “behind the scenes” way of doing things, no public posting, no sharing on social media, or in Facebook groups (unless of course, you want to)

I want to be the person with a plan.

I want to be the person who holds accountability in a secure, safe way.

Where whether you hit the mark, or miss it by an inch or mile in either direction, I want to celebrate with you, and help you tweak the things you feel need it.

I’m opening up a new accountability program. For now, it’s just for one month, with room to grow.

It’s just me, you and email. Nothing fancy, or extra.

I’ll email you when we start to find out your goals for the month, your plan for the week, and we’ll check-in at the end of the week to see how things are going, and plan for the following week.

If this is something you’re interested in let me know by sending me an email to hello@debbiebradley.co.uk

I’ll answer your questions, and send you a payment link to get set up.

So how about it?

What do you want to achieve in the next 28 days?

Do you want me by your side?

Due to this being a brand new offering, I’m offering up the first 10 spaces at a reduced price of £50 for the month (or £15 per week)

The price will go up incrementally after that for every 10 people who join.

So… are you in?

Debbie x

p.s. for those who already know, you can access the payment link here

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