“All or Nothing!”

That’s my BIGGEST mindset flaw to date… I either go intense, like that time when I was a teenager and my Mum asked me to ‘quickly tidy the kitchen’ before a bunch of people came round so I spent an hour cleaning the oven… or I just don’t get it done.

Do you relate?

This morning I wasted 2 hours messing around setting up Photoshop (Canva doesn’t have my fonts), browsing the internet, and getting SUPER stressed, before I gave it all up just to write this post on my Facebook page…

Context (If you’re not a Marvel geek like me):   Yo-yo lost her arms, and is struggling to come to terms with her rehabilitation.  Jemma Simmons (the doc) says this to her to comfort her that ALL the small steps count.

Why would I do that?

Because all the FB know how peeps say Images work best, videos work even better for reach, engagement etc…

So I could have made an image, found an image from the internet, used a GIF… any number of things.

But instead, I wasted 2 hours, got annoyed, then just wrote it straight into Facebook and posted it.

I needed this message myself!

This is all about simplicity.  Taking it one step at a time.  It’s not all going to be perfect straight away, we’re not going to move mountains, eat whole elephants, or any other cliche you’d like to add… it’s all about the STEPS!

Consistency is key!

Little and often wins over big things done once then forgotten about!

This applies in life, in business, learning to walk, building a house, if you’re a tortoise racing a hare… ALL. THE. THINGS.

Yes, big grand gestures work, but you need smaller actions before them.

Here’s another analogy (they’re all around me today). Someone comes up to you in the street, they get down on one knee, a band starts playing your favourite song, people appear out of nowhere with balloons and flowers… they ask you to marry them…

‘Awww, so romantic!”… wait, no…. you don’t know this person… now it’s just creepy and weird.
BUT if you’d been dating that person for a while, lived together had talked about building a life together, then it would be romantic… you get where I’m going with this?

We’re not going to be able to live our best lives, make the sale, buy the house, smash the earnings goals, run a marathon, or any other thing in life if we don’t do the small stuff first.

All those things are the rewards for the effort we put in beforehand!

So… you want to change how you live?  Change one thing.  Improve your health?  Change one thing.
Make sales in your business?  Share something.  Pick ONE thing, and do it.

Want to make sales?  Promote. (Eww! I hate promoting!)

Pick up the phone and call someone who’s shown interest in what you offer.
Write a blog post, share it… somewhere… everywhere, ANYWHERE! As long as your dream clients are hanging out there.

“Go big or go home” has no place in my world…  going BIG only happens when you’ve done the small stuff.

Rome, The Virgin Group, Apple, J K Rowling! – They ALL did the small stuff, consistently, every day.  

Question: Do you share your work with the world consistently?   

I know a place with over 250 million people who may be looking for your stuff… you just have to show them you’ve got it!

Check it out here.  https://www.pinterest.com/

And if you want to know more about how to tap into this Audience, give me a shout… it’s what I’m good at.

Debbie x

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