A snake sheds its skin to survive.

To grow.

If it didn’t, it would die. Suffocate.

Humans shed approx 1.6lb of flesh per year.

Our cells all regenerate depending on the cellular lifespan, typically 7 years (all but the neurons in our brains, which last a lifetime)

We’re constantly changing without even noticing it. Some cells only last for days, others for years… were quite fascinating.

How often have you said, or heard someone say

“I wish I could drop this old me and start again”

Well… we’re not quite snakes, but why can’t we?

Here’s the thing… we lose skin and hair cells every day (and others we don’t see) so why can’t we pull in the practice of noticing and letting go of our old selves along with the old cells…

If you’ve ever had a bath or shower and exfoliated, which I’m sure you have, you’ll know how good it feels to slough off the old dry, dead skin cells and releases the fresh new cells underneath.

This is the human version of shedding our skin.

So here’s an idea…

We are growing and changing every day. Inside and out.

Why not add a little matter of mindfulness to the routine, and as you scrub and polish, just envision the “old you” being washed away too.

The old habits, the old routines… the old beliefs that don’t fit your new lifestyle.

Every time you shed the old part of you, it allows for something new to come forward.

The new you.

Embrace it.
Love it.
Enjoy it.
Live it.

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