That’s the cure to the ills.

I reckon this is why people like holidays and the such.
I for one, never really have holidays. It’s been 4 years since I last went anywhere, and that was a weekend in a caravan with the family.

It was a great weekend, we had fun, spent time on the beach and in the water. It was just what we needed…

But it was 4 years ago!

Now I look back, the change of pace, lack of our usual routines, and freedom to do more, led to less friction. We all relaxed, enjoyed ourselves more.

When I compare that to how things are after a prolonged period of time at home “living life” it’s pretty clear to see;

We need time away from “normal”

When we’re stuck in the routine of Homelife – up, dressed, work/learn, cook, clean, rinse, repeat, it all gets tedious. We get fed up.
Then we start getting cranky and disinterested.

We snap at those nearest and dearest to us, and we stop pushing for more. We just plod along through life like we’ve got all the time in the world, getting more disconnected with ourselves and what we want from life.

We lose interest, we lose motivation, drive to do the things that need doing, or what excites us.

This isn’t just a theory that’s sprung up from nowhere… we see it all the time, I know so many people who work full or part time jobs, who live for the weekend, or holidays; a break “from routine”.

They feel different, they act different, they seem different.

I talk to people and they tell me they feel happier. It’s a change of pace, a change of scenery, it’s a break from the normal stresses and strains of every day living.

That’s the thing that makes the difference.

It takes you away from it all.

That feeling that you just want to “pack up and leave it all behind” may not be such a bad thing after all.

It’s an indication that you need to step back, step away.
It’s a sign to do things differently. Move forward.

I believe that we need to prioritise our own wants and needs.
We need to take the opportunity to change, to grow!
To have that change of pace
That change of scenery

Because if we don’t?

We start to feel lethargic, our world gets smaller, our efforts decrease.

We get bored, miserable, and that’s not a fun way to live by any means.

We should feel obligated to ourselves; our wants, needs, interests and curiosities. Not making sure the laundry’s done, or the kids toys are put away.
No, that’s not how it should be.
That’s just the common way – which in no terms means it’s “normal” or how it should be.

But how do you do it?

How do you create the change of pace and change of scenery in your life regularly so that it doesn’t feel like a chore, or another thing that you need to fit into your calendar?

Well, you get off your ass for a start and leave the house.
And you keep going from there…

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