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Pinterest Strategist, and Head coffee drinker

Helping you make the most of Pinterest to grow your business

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Who you follow is important

Who you follow on Pinterest is as important as who follows you…
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Why use Pinterest for Business?

With over 200 million+ monthly active users and an ever-growing user-base, it’s a great place to get noticed.

Here are some other things I love about Pinterest:

  • People are already looking for inspiration/to buy
  • It’s ‘hands off’ marketing, so you’re not spending hours building relationships and having conversations (not that that’s a bad thing!) for little return
  • Pinterest content is evergreen. (I have Pins still ‘working’ and being seen after 4 years!)
  • You can have great results for free! Yes, really.
  • Your content easily reaches more than just your followers…. win!

What are you waiting for?

Who Is Pinterest For?

Pinterest was designed for creatives, but as time has gone on, we’re all adding visual elements to our businesses, whether photos to accompany our content, or video content.

Which basically makes it good for anyone!

Does your business offer a product or service that helps people in their life/business?

Do you have a blog? Sales pages? Free downloads?

Yes? Then, quite frankly, Pinterest is for you.

Why use Pinterest?

1. 200 million+ active users
There are over 200 million active users globally on Pinterest every month, and this number is always rising
2. People on Pinterest are ready to act!
People go to Pinterest looking for something.
80% of people are looking to buy, and 61% of users say they’ve discovered new brands on Pinterest
3. Find content from any interest
Retail, Auto, Style, Home, Food and Travel are all popular topics
Business, Money, Blogging, Mindfulness are all growing topics on Pinterest
4. Pinterest helps people become be the best they can be!
We’re in the business of helping people feel good about themselves, and their lives.

Pinterest helps with this, by helping people plan for the life they WANT, not fake the life they want.

61% of users say that Pinterest helps them become the best they can be. This is higher than any other platform!

If you want more impressive stats, check out the Pinterest Audience Demographic Stats

5. Awesome click through rates
Pinterest is designed for people to click through to great content & products.

Unlike many other platforms that try to keep visitors on their site, Pinterest encourages web exploration.

Work with Debbie

Boost Your Business Using Pinterest 5-Day challenge

I have the perfect 5-day challenge to help you and your dream clients discover each other on Pinterest.

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This 5-part DIY email series will help you get

  • A better understanding of your ideal clients
  • Your account in tip-top condition to show your content on the Smart Feed and in searches
  • Plenty of content ideas to attract your Ideal Clients/Customers
  • My tips and tricks to keep your account ticking over, even when you’re not there

Pinterest Strategy Sessions

We’ll work together to figure out the best way to get you results using Pinterest!

More Details
Whether you’re brand new to Pinterest, or you’re looking to re-jig your account to start bringing more clients your way, we can do that.

We’ll analyse your account, making sure you have an account optimised for search.
Well deep-dive into your dream clients and what they want, then use that information to map your content and how you can curate kick-ass content to bring people to your door

*up to 3 calls via Zoom

Pinterest set up and Management

From setting up your account to making sure your content is there to be seen.  This recurring monthly package means that I do the work for you.

More Details
We’ll talk through what you’re wanting to achieve from Pinterest, how you can make sure your content is Pinterest ready.

Once we’ve agreed on a schedule of the content you’re going to be sharing with the world, I’ll get to work setting up your account, developing the Pinterest strategy and getting your content shared with the 200 million+ users of Pinterest.

About Me


I’m Debbie, and I live in beautiful Yorkshire, UK.

Whilst studying Interior Design at the University of Huddersfield, I stumbled across a relatively new site, Pinterest.

I incorporated Pinterest into my studies so well, the course leaders changed the course to include it. Yes, really!

After I left Uni and decided to go in another direction and start my own craft business.  I started sharing my projects on Pinterest (why not? that’s where I looked for inspiration!)

From there, I moved into VA work, and supporting others with their businesses, eventually niching down to Pinterest management,

Now I love empowering people to utilise Pinterest to grow their own businesses, developing easy to manage strategies that don’t take hours of work but do have great results.


“I was failing to attract my target market, but the challenge helped me really understand who they are, and what they want.
I would highly recommend doing the challenge, and the best part? You get to increase the number of pins whilst doing it!!”

“Having Debbie manage my Pinterest account has been wonderful.

My content has been shared consistently, my business has grown, and I have more time to work on the parts of my business that I enjoy, and I get to spend more time with my family.  All the while knowing my Pinterest marketing is being taken care of”

This is not Terrigenesis!

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Nine years later…

I feel like everything's coming undone, in a good way... 9 years ago, I was signed off work with stress related insomnia. At the time, I was a single mum to a 2-year-old, working full time, with a 2-hour commute each day. I'd beaten myself up trying to be, do and have...